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Turning Walls Into Doors

All too often our Baltimore youth have big dreams they want to accomplish, but they are confused and uncertain of what they need to do and who to turn to. Many of these youth live and grow in a state of poverty, crime, and general lack of support. As a resource, we offer direction to achieve their goals.

The Fashion Umbrella Foundation is a youth-focused volunteer-driven organization whose mission is to engage and guide individuals who wish to create, develop, and exhibit self-expression through fashion, the arts, and business. Our organization has positioned itself to be a resource magnet for not only youth, but creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners too. We are here to help.

Give today! Your donation gives a child immediate benefits to help them thrive and grow.

For more information, you can email us at or give us a call 410-343-9809.

To Mail Donations - Make check payable to Fashion Umbrella Foundation - P.O. Box 13132 - Baltimore, MD 21203